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The Last and Only Fully Sovereign Nation in Native Lands (North America)
This website is dedicated to providing accurate information regarding the history of our nation and to set the record straight about our identity. We are the last and only fully sovereign nation in North America.
We are the only UNCONQUERED nation which has never been defeated.
The main stream of public are falsely directed towards the “reservation” Indians, who have been compromised and have relinquished their indigenous birth rights once they became instruments of the federal government. To better understand this, the following information is being presented:
The Miccosukee Seminole Nation has always been free from the rule and direction of any other people. Our nation was given this land to provide our food, shelter and medicine. Our nation was given laws to abide by, which included laws over the land and people within our society.
The Miccosukee Seminole Nation have protected and sheltered these god given rights and laws through centuries of struggles, including the separation of our nation by those drawn to the reservations and promises of assistance, generated by greed.
The Miccosukee Seminole nation is a matriarchal society, with eight clans. Within the clan system each clan retains specific responsibilities and clan laws. All must abide by the overall tribal laws as well. The Miccosukee Seminole nation maintain their own language, culture and history. We are truly an indigenous nation.
Through the many phases of our history the Miccosukee Seminole Nation at one time enjoyed the bounty and fruit of the earth given to us by the creator, to only be invaded and attacked by foreign (non-Indian) people. Our lands were claimed by them and they attempted to remove us from Florida and moved us to Okalahoma and to corral us onto a reservation. We were hunted for reward in hopes of terminating us from our homeland.
Through the period of the Seminole Wars (U.S. TERMINATION ACT) our nation remained unconquered and survived the U.S. Governments attempts. Our great leaders such as “Chief Osceola” gave our answer with a dagger in the proposed treaties.
In an effort to survive, our people scattered into the Everglades. There was a long period which took time for regrouping, many died .. medicine and ceremonies were negatively impacted.
After that period and around the1920’s the U.S. Government shifted to Plan B of offering money with ulterior motives, to those who would take it. There were a few takers, but the majority held strong in their beliefs.
The period from 1935 - 1950’s the U.S. Government people came with the offer to bring the reservations to this land, they first approached the Creek people who resided around what is known as Lake Okeechobee. Being that the Creek people had no authority, their spokesman, Sam Jones (Medicine Man and Bundle Carrier), reported the government’s proposal to Miccosukee Seminole. He reported that the U.S. Government was proposing a $50 million lawsuit for the State of Florida. The Miccosukee Seminole Nation were looked to as the culturally authoritarians in this region.
The Miccosukee Seminole people continued to live their lives within the different environment, adapting and living, hunting and raising their families. In spite of the non-Indian encroachment along the borders and coastlines of Florida.
Trade continued off and on throughout these periods. Once the Tamiami Trail Highway was built and the canals built to drain the Everglades, our people were once again made to re-adapt by moving to the roads in villages. The roads and levees were additional attempts to limit and control
The communities once again became scattered, from the Hollywood, Big Cypress, Naples, Brighton and Tamiami Trail people.
Villages are governed by the clan system. Clan leaders/elders met in each other villages to discuss issues at hand from family matters, trade, issues with others within the tribe and with non-Indians and to continued encroachment of the whiteman.
The U.S. Government never relented in their pursuit to force our Tribe out of Florida, but re-addressed their efforts towards the development of reservations in this region, which the culturally uneducated and weak people of our nation ran to for free hand-outs and false hopes, with the cost of relinquishing their indigenous birth rights. These federal “tribes” established their reservations.
As the elders have died off, the younger and less culturally knowledgeable have stepped in as the decision makers based around the non-Indian regulations given them by the U.S. Government. Matters that are no longer theirs to discuss or address are funneled to them by the government. No consideration or respect for cultural laws are being given or abided by.
Throughout these centuries of struggles of survival from the coming of the whiteman and invasion of our homeland, to the rape of our culture, we have remained sincere to our cultural and indigenous birth rights. It is our belief that no other society has the authority to remove these indigenous birth rights or to dilute our rich culture and history through deceit, manipulation and acculturation.
The purpose of this website is to ensure that the general public understands that we have never accepted the U.S. Government and have survived in spite of the many attacks and tactics put upon us. These efforts are on-going and there is much more to tell which we will keep you abreast of in our NEWS section. Thank you for your interest.
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