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The Last and Only Fully Sovereign Nation in Native Lands (North America)
This is the official site of the Everglades Miccosukee Tribe of Seminole Indians. The intent of this website is to provide the public with accurate information and insight into the Tribe. There are significant historical accounts of our past as a people and tribe, as well as recent impacts and present-day struggles and continued survival.
It is vital to the tribe and viewer that accurate information is received to ensure the viewer is not deceived or misled by individuals intending to benefit or profit from the Tribe's historical endeavors or milestones which embodies our nation.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: On April 20, 2004 a letter was directed and hand delivered to the Non-Miccosukee Seminole people who are operating an illigal website titled www.Miccosukeeseminolenation.com. This website was developed under the Tribal Lawyer, Morton Silver (attorney and friend since approximately 1957). Upon the attorney's death, it was anticipated that all documents belonging to the Everglades Miccosukee Tribe of Seminole Indians would be returned. The letter dates 04/20/04 directed these individuals to suspend any further representation until the Tribe could determine what direction it would take next. This website is not authorized, nor does it have permission to utilize Tribal records or history, in anyway, shape or form.
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