Sovereign Miccosukee Seminole Nation :: Wood Carvings :: Handmade Carved 16 ft Canoe

Handmade Carved 16 ft Canoe

Handmade Carved 16 ft Canoe

Handmade Carved 16 ft Canoe
Handmade Carved 16 ft Canoe

Made of Cypress Wood in traditional design from 1700's.

Made by Leroy Osceola

Seminole Canoe-Maker, Leroy Osceola

The unique talents of canoe making has been handed down by generation to generation by Miccosukee Seminole canoe-makers. Cypress tree canoes were an integral part of traditional way of life used for transportation for hunting and trade in the many lakes, rivers and grasslands of the region.

Large cypress trees have remained the preferred material for canoe crafting. The cypress tree selected for its length and diameter would be chopped at the base. Once dried the center is charred and then hallowed.

Large cypress trees were readily available, but over the past century were over logged for railroads, development and privatization of once free lands, which have all contributed to finding ideal select logs for carving.

Leroy Osceola is a Seminole Canoe-make, Tribal Councilman and spokesman. He is also a full blooded Miccosukee-Seminole. He also teaches and consults canoe-making for those interested in learning.

The selection of a log is key. The wood must be examined to determine which would be suited for front to back, top or bottom. Once the log is dried and prepared for carving, which takes several months in between to deter wood from cracking/splitting. Once hollowed out it is important that any bowing doesnt occur. The inside of the log is then gutted/thinned out to 1 or 1 , which is a skill all in its own. The seating & sail are prepared and installed. The final touch is the carving of the push pole/paddle which is utilized when maneuvering

As one of the only canoe-makers, this is becoming a lost art. What he does is not fake, but the real thing. He hopes to teach his sons and pass this skill onto them to keep this unique craft alive.
Our price: $16000.00 (13920.00)

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